When you are a new a photographer, getting clients consistently can be a challenging task. After you’ve built up good photography skills and started building your portfolio, next challenging task for you is to get clients. With an effective  photographer marketing plan, provided you have amazing photography skills and attractive portfolio, it is not that difficult for you to get clients.

So, here are some of the best ways to find high paying photography projects easily. If at any point you want to chat with us about utilizing these for you and your business, just fill out this form and we can chat about it.

How to Get Photography Clients

1. Instagram

Currently, you have many ways to find photography clients due to growth in the digital presence of people. As we know, Instagram is very popular for photography. Instagram is the best way for you to find work; this is the place where clients are looking for photographers at present.

With the use of hash tags, you can reach thousands of people for no cost. So, Instagram is the best platform for photographers who are looking for new clients, which is on display with the thousands of photography accounts that do extremely well.

2. Invest in your website and SEO

In this digital age, being a photographer, investing in your website is very important. Why the website is so important for a photographer? It is because your website promotes your work and capture leads daily.

But, having a website is not sufficient to get photography clients. You also need to invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. SEO can help you in ranking your photography website on the top pages in search engine results. So, investing in your website and SEO is very important to attract new clients.

3. Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Paid Advertising on Facebook/Instagram provides lucrative opportunity in a wide variety of businesses, and should not be left out of any photography marketing plan.

Social media users are increasing rapidly. People spend most of their time on social media while they are online, so social media advertising is one of the great marketing strategies any business should have. In different social media networks, people are looking for unique and fresh content; it is also the best way to get photography clients.

Social media advertising has a good reach and it is also very cost effective type of advertising strategy. You can also target your audience based on their age group, interest, qualification, gender, etc. with the help of social media marketing. Hence, if you run ads on different social media platforms, there is a good opportunity for you to get clients.

4. Get referrals from friends and family

Getting referrals from your friends and family is very easy and the best way to get work. After you build your portfolio website, you can share your website with your friends, family, relatives, etc. and ask them to share with others.

Mostly, successful photographers have started their business by photographing some small events and parties from the people they know, friends, workmates, family relatives, etc.

5. Contact other industry professionals

Getting photography clients becomes easy when you contact with other industry professionals like wedding planners and event managers by showing them your previous work. But, the important thing is, to keep your portfolio ready before contacting any industry professional; you can also get referrals from professionals.

Depending on what kind of photographer you are, you’re going want to consider joining LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be a huge source of referral business, just like we spoke about in #4.

6. Maintain relationships

You need to maintain a good relationship with your clients so that you can get repeat business from the same client. You can gain the trust of your client by providing him/her best quality of your work, doing so would help you in getting future business from the same client. It is important to keep the relationship positive; your past clients can be your biggest cheerleaders. So, by maintaining a good relationship with your clients you can get repeat business from them.

7. Exhibit your work at the local art show

You can enter into local art shows and exhibit your work there. In art shows, the important thing is the quality of your work you are exhibiting; you must not display your random work. The work you display must be selected according to its quality, make sure you are going to exhibit your all-time best work. Clients will contact you because of your styles and work. So, it is another best method to find photography clients.

8. Use paid professional services

Use of paid professional services is useful and effective for new photographers. There are many paid professional services like Wedding Wire and The Knot to get your work in front of potential clients. These paid services do charge some money, but it becomes easy for you to get your photography client there.

9. Offer discounts

Providing discounts is another best way you can use to attract more photography clients. You can offer discounts for order volume or number of a shoot. Many new photographers work at a very minimal rate by providing discounts to their clients. They benefit in two ways: experience and portfolio growth, both of these are very important in this field.

If you are an average photographer finding difficulties expanding your business, offering discounts could help in getting new photography clients. Consider using Groupon, the largest online (but local) coupon marketplace on the internet.

10. Start a referral program

Last but not least, starting a referral program could bring you a number of new photography clients. You can offer clients a discount for referring friends and family. It gives you two huge benefits – it encourages your existing client to return, especially if you choose to offer the discount on their next session and brings you, new clients.

There are the different type of referral programs, Implied, Direct, Tangible, and Community Referral Programs. But, you must select which best suits your business. So, the use of a referral program is the way photographers use nowadays, to increase new clients and retain existing ones.


Getting your photography clients is not an extremely difficult task, especially now that we live in our ever-growing digital world. There are thousands of opportunities you could find with the availability of digital media. Earlier was the time when photographers were depended upon limited clients, they were unable to expand due to the absence of tools and strategies available right now.

This article has outlined how to get new photography clients using 10 of our favourite marketing strategies. That doesn’t mean you need to go and try and work on all 10 of these! For most photographers, picking 2-4 of these mediums and focusing 100% of your energy on these 2-4 will produce results far greater than dabbling in all 10 of these methods.

Maybe you want to outsource one or two of them? (Hint: We offer web design, social media and SEO services at affordable rates that produce an immense ROI 🙂