Interior designers all over the globe are realizing the potential of the effect that digital marketing can have on their businesses. There are many mediums that interior designers can use to get clients in 2019. 

This article will be going over some of the best ways that interior designers can market their business and get new clients. 

Offline Interior Design Marketing Strategies

Although I’ll be focusing this article on utilizing digital marketing methods to get new clients, the offline world should still have a large impact on your interior design marketing strategy. 

Have Business Cards

It’s hard to imagine a world where business cards are out of style. If someone asks you for a card and you don’t have one to give them, what kind of a first impression do you think that gives your potential client? You’re right, not a good one.

Your business card should represent you and your business well. That’s why if you’re not a creative person, you should invest in someone that is. 

Vistaprint offers very high quality business cards for very reasonable rates. They also offer design services, but I cannot speak to the effectiveness of these services because I have never used them.

Right now you can get 500 premium business cards for only $17.99. That’s an investment that I firmly believe you’ll see a strong return on.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is king. “It’s not about what you know, but who you know” is a common phrase in the business world. Although it’s definitely important to really know your stuff when it comes to interior design, there is merit to this statement.

Whenever you meet someone new, it should run through your head “the impression I leave on this person could be the difference between new clients, or no new clients. 

That’s not to say that you should look at everyone you meet as an opportunity to grow your business! I’m just trying to say that you should be open and friendly with everyone you come into contact with throughout your day.

Networking is a great tool to use to get your first interior design client, since you haven’t built a name for yourself yet, so you can do this with how you present yourself.

Sponsor Local Events

Sponsoring local events can be a great way to get your name and business out there. Keep on the lookout for events that you can sponsor because even if it translates into 1 job, you’ll usually have your money back multiplied.

It can also have an effect on your SEO, an overlooked interior design marketing strategy which we will discuss more in depth later. Often the event will give your website a backlink, also known as a hyperlink, which is one of the main SEO factors as of today.

Speak At Events

Speaking at events serves several important purposes, which all end up with the ultimate goal of getting new interior design clients. If you’re trying to figure out how to get your first interior design client, this isn’t something you should look into.

When you’re established in the interior design industry in your local market, if you make a great speech at a local event, it will generate you new business, as well as build your credibility for the future when people say “Oh right I remember when (your name) spoke at that conference I attended!”

Online Interior Design Marketing Strategies

These are the strategies I believe will be the most lucrative in terms of generating interior design clients, but you still need to have your sales process down. Digital marketing is a game changer for generating leads, but if you can’t close a sale then your efforts are best spent on first refining your sales process.

Social Media

Social media is huge. I don’t think anyone is going to deny that. Facebook’s users has climbed to a whopping 2.234 billion active every month, and Instagram sits at a hefty 1 billion monthly active users. Twitter is currently at 335 million monthly active users.

Based on these numbers you may think that you should focus most of your efforts on growing your Facebook page (or even just starting your Facebook page). But in reality it shouldn’t be so cut and dried. What’s more important than the entire platform’s monthly active users, is your local market’s social network usage.

If Facebook has more monthly active users than Instagram and Twitter across the globe, but 95% of your local market uses Instagram and Twitter, but not Facebook, shouldn’t you focus on Instagram and Twitter? We think so too. 

Look through some successful local businesses using social media and see what platforms are performing well, and what platforms you may not want to invest as much time on.


Instagram is definitely a platform you want to look into. Because everything you post must include a picture, it’s an interior designer’s dream. Posting a beautiful home you just redesigned is great to showcase the sort of work you do and quality you achieve. 

The best way to grow your instagram account is by engaging with potential customers. Follow them, like their posts, and make relevant, appropriate comment on their posts. Make sure you interact with people in a natural way. 

Instagram is very aware of the use of software and bots to engage with other accounts on autopilot. This is why you need to do everything in a way that will appear as natural as possible. 

Don’t comment the exact same thing on 100 different posts, don’t spam follow as many accounts as you can in the span of 10 minutes and then not follow anyone for 2 days. Instagram limits you to 160 follows/unfollows per hour, but your goal is not to try and hit your limit every hour, Instagram won’t like it and may restrict/delete your account.

Growing your account through liking other people’s posts can be done in a few ways. You can like posts of people that follow/like posts of other local business’ accounts. These are your potential interior design clients, so this would be the more important outreach. 

The other strategy is to like posts of popular interior design hashtags by using the explore tab. Some examples would be #interiordesign, #decorating, #house, and #interiordesigns. You can use your judgement and services you offer to find more.


Facebook is another social network that is almost a must for interior design marketing. Although you should still make sure people in your local market use Facebook, chances are pretty good that they do. 

Although Facebook is a very different platform from Instagram, your content strategy should be somewhat similar. Post beautiful pictures of your past and present work.

Where Facebook is great is their advertiser platform. You can advertise very inexpensively if you go through the Business Manager. Do not just click on “Boost Post” after you’ve posted something on your page.

I’m going to repeat that because it is very important. Do not just click on “Boost Post” after you post something on your page.

Other Social Media’s

Now is when you need to use your judgement. There’s a list of social media platforms that you should look into, but not all of them are going to prove a valuable use of your time. You may want to use all of them, but just as likely, you may want to avoid all of them.

Twitter is a very popular network, with roughly 335 million monthly active users. It’s a very “busy” platform, and companies can tweet 5 times a day and it is not considered too much. You should look into the extent which Twitter is used in your local market.

Pinterest is another popular social network, with about 250 million monthly active users. It can be used very effectively for interior design marketing, as the topic of home decor and interior design are extremely popular on the platform.

The last social network I’m going to go over is Snapchat. Snapchat is already at 291 million monthly active users, and growing extremely fast. The challenge for Snapchat in terms of interior design marketing is that Snapchat’s demographic is generally very young. 

These social networks can all be used to grow your business, but the only two that you absolutely must look into are Instagram and Facebook. Instagram and Facebook are both the biggest, as well as have the most potential interior design clients (generally speaking).

Get Listed on Directories

There are 3 main types of directories which you need to be aware of, which are local directories, general directories, and niche directories. 

It’s important for you to get listed on as many directories as possible, because they can all drive traffic and clients to your business, but they also play a big part in your business’ SEO (which is something I go more into depth on later). 

Local Directories

Local directories are any business directories that are specific to a geographical location. If you’re based out of Washington, you’ll want to look into any local chambers you can join.

Also search Google for “washington business directories” and see what comes up. There may be directories that are not directly associated with the city, but are definitely worth adding your listing.

General Directories

Hopefully you’re already listed on most of these directories, but I’m still going to include them because they are so important, for SEO as well as lead generation;

Niche Directories

These are directories that list interior designers all over the globe. They’ll boost your SEO efforts, and maybe even get you a few clients.

If you want to find a good list of interior design directories, just google “interior design directories”, and try to get your business listed on as many sites as possible.  


If you’re still wondering how to get new interior design clients, then pay attention to this section. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s what my agency focuses on, because it works, and it brings leads. Whenever you use Google, you’re seeing the effects of SEO. 

If you googled “(your city) + interior design” right now, would you have any presence on the first page? What about “(your city) + kitchen renovations”? If you live in a heavily populated area, then there’s a good chance that lots of people around you are searching for exactly what you offer… but they’re not finding you.

Let me give you an example with actual numbers. I used a random city generator, and got Boise, Idaho. 

I spent 5 minutes looking up terms that someone who may be one of your potential clients would look up, and here’s what I found.

interior design marketing
how to get interior design clients
interior design marketing
how to get interior design clients
interior design marketing
how to get interior design clients
interior design marketing
how to get interior design clients

As you can see, these 5 minutes yielded a total search volume of 740 searches per month. That’s a lot of potential business that you are leaving on the table! 

Now, what this can turn into in terms of clients? Roughly 30-40% of people searching Google will click the #1 result. So, if you’re #1 for this list of search terms, you’ll be getting roughly 259 visitors to your website.

The best part of this search volume is that they are highly targeted, since they typed in the exact services you offer. That’s what makes these leads so red-hot. They’ve already expressed buyer intent before even visiting your website.

Using Facebook and Instagram advertising is great, but when people are scrolling through Facebook and Instagram the last thing they’re thinking about is how they really need to remodel their kitchen.

How to Optimize Your Site for Google

Although SEO can be an incredibly complicated process, there are simple steps that anyone can take to begin optimizing their website. If, while reading this, you’re thinking to yourself “What the heck is this guy talking about?”, then the best solution to your SEO marketing needs is outsourcing it to a professional.

I’d love to chat with you about the potential benefits of utilizing SEO as part of your interior design marketing, just click here and fill out the contact form.

Ensure your pages are optimized. Your homepage (, as opposed to will almost always have the most “link juice”, and SEO potential. If your homepage’s title is just your business name, and doesn’t include what your potential clients are searching for (e.g. (location) + interior design), then you’re wasting much of your SEO potential.

You should also ensure that your pages are content heavy. Higher word counts will present you with consistently higher rankings. They have a direct linear relationship. Also including optimized images and videos will boost your rankings. 

The next part to focus on is acquiring backlinks. A backlink is when another site inserts a hyperlink into their content, which will send them to your website. They can be difficult to acquire, and are generally acquired through outreach campaigns, broken link building campaigns, and just producing great content. 

You should also try and optimize your website’s page load time. The faster your page loads, the more Google will like it, and reward you with higher rankings. I wrote an article on increasing page speed on DeveloMark’s blog, which you can find here.


I hope that you’ve learnt something new today, and have a better understanding of how to get interior design clients. If you have any questions, you can use the contact form on my website and get ahold of me. 

You can also use the contact form if you’re interested in outsourcing the digital marketing work to Airborne Agency, so you can focus on running your business.