In our modern world, the internet has become a basic need for everyone. With the increasing relevance of the internet to any company’s marketing strategy, marketing and media have become an essential part of any business’ growth. You will find vast contrast comparing traditional dermatology marketing strategies of the past to strategies that are effective today.

When we talk about dermatology marketing techniques, it is also changed from traditional marketing. Many consumers have shifted to seeking for healthcare information online. According to research by the Pew Research Center, around 72% of people searched online for health-related information within last year.

The research suggests that medical practices, doctors and facilities need to establish a great online presence. But, that doesn’t mean they should not focus on offline marketing strategies. Here we have elaborated on a few great dermatology marketing ideas:

1. Manage your marketing budget

As we know, marketing is crucial to any business organization. Making a marketing plan is also important, specifically managing the marketing budget. Although dermatology marketing should never be neglected, it could also be a costly money pit. Businesses are spending a lot of amounts on marketing, to grab eyeballs of people.

While choosing marketing media, we need to select the media which is effective and affordable. During the first year in business, the medical practice might spend as much as 15% to 25% of its gross revenue on marketing. The amount invested in the first year will start to reflect in the upcoming years because marketing is a long term process and it should not be stopped.

This is why at Airborne Digital Agency we offer monthly reporting. If you’re working with an agency, ensure that they send monthly reports so you know exactly where your dollars are going and what kind of ROI you’re receiving.

2. Build an informative website

Websites have become very popular for any kind of business, and if you don’t yet have one… it’s STRONGLY recommended that you get one. Whether the business is a product-oriented or service provider, building a website will help your potential customers come to a buying decision. As we have seen most people are searching online for health-related information, this is why the opportunity to build an online presence cannot be squandered.


Usually, patients go to your website to receive test results You should build a website that provides educational content, content regarding dermatology procedures and treatments.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the act of ranking your website (and effectively your business) on Google for local lead generation reasons. For example, if you were a dermatologist in San Antonio, you’d want your website to be ranking for anyone searching Google for “San Antonio Dermatologist”, and similar search phrases.

As you can see, the keyword “San Antonio Dermatologist” gets roughly 260 searches per month. These are red hot leads, because they are literally searching for exactly what you offer. There are also plenty of other keywords that people search for, so the real amount searching for skin care services in San Antonio is probably in the thousands.

Our dermatologist clients see an ROI for years after services have been completed, which is why they love SEO so much. It is essential for dermatology practices to invest in SEO for their website because of this long-term ROI.

Search engine optimization is very helpful in increasing your search rankings if your website is SEO-optimized & a patient searches for dermatology, there are more chances your website would be on top positions. Content also plays a vital role in SEO, because Google promotes websites that publish informative and detailed content.


Along with Google my Business, this is our companies specialty. SEO can be a difficult thing to learn, so if you’d like to chat with one of our team members about outsourcing your marketing to our company so you can focus on your clients, just fill out this form and we’ll get back to you.

4. Make a marketing plan

As we know, marketing is very crucial for any business, whether it is product oriented or service oriented. A business organization might have a quality and unique product at a very low rate, but what if they do not have an ideal marketing plan? There are very small chances of getting success on that product.

A marketing plan helps you in deciding and achieving goals. To start with the marketing plan, you can make monthly or annual goals, or any other time frame you’re comfortable with. Different dermatologists will have different marketing plans, and hence their goals are going to be different too.

5. Consider online and offline media

In dermatology marketing strategies, you need to consider both, online and offline media. The main focus should be on online media, due to increasing online audience. While traditional or offline media like, television, radio, print, and outdoor media often show good results.

Unfortunately, the main hurdle in most traditional/offline media is a huge consumption of time and money that do not attract much business. But, there are patients who use traditional media to research. Hence, your dermatology marketing strategy should be built in such a manner that it focuses on both, online and offline media.

6. Get listed on Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the free and easy to use tool for businesses to maintain their online presence across Google which includes Maps and Searches. As a dermatologist, you should take advantage of Google My Business listings, it is also one of the effective marketing strategies nowadays.


While creating a business page on Google My Business, make sure your information is consistent across all of the online directories. It is very important for you to sign up on review websites like RateMDs, ZocDoc, and Healthgrades because having positive reviews online would differentiate you from your competitors.

One of our companies specialities is Google my Business. We are positive that we can grow your practice and produce a sizeable ROI for your company, so if you are interested in working with us please contact us.

7. Start a blog

Starting a blog and keep publishing fresh and unique content daily can also help with SEO factor, but make sure you are posting original content on a regular basis. When you post consistently on your dermatology blog, it shows that you know your business and are happy to keep your patients engaged and empowered.


There are numbers of things you can do when you create your dermatology blog. You may provide information about general dermatology, dermatology procedures, share skin care tips, announce deals & discounts and announce updates about your practice. One of the best and effective ways to promote your dermatology blog is to share your blog using social media.

8. Use of Video Marketing

Video marketing is another effective marketing strategy you can use for dermatology. As compared to an article or blog, video grabs more attention of a user, with the passage of time people’s attention time is reduced which means you need to make a content that grabs their attention within some seconds of video play.

“YouTube” is the world’s largest search engine for videos. YouTube channels have proven to be very effective in the marketing of medical practice. YouTube marketing became very popular nowadays due to its result effectiveness, mass audience, and less cost. Apart from YouTube, there are many other video search engines that can also help in promoting your business.

9. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on different social media networks/platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and there are many more social media platforms. It is an influential marketing strategy, but it must be utilized correctly to maximize benefits.

But the critical part about social media marketing is the selection of the right social network/platform. You must select the social network which can provide you effective results. Businesses also create a social media marketing plan, to improve their social presence. Having a good social media presence is a great way to build a brand following, which will help you to drive new patients to your practice.

10. Encourage online patient reviews

In this digital world, reviews became very important. A single positive review can attract many new patients while a single negative review could break your existing and loyal patients. It is one of the most efficient ways to attract new patients and to grow your practice.

You need to encourage your positive patients to share their feedback in an online review. You can ask by sending them a follow-up email thanking for their visit and encouraging them to review your practice. With the consent of your patient, you can also make their reviews public by sharing them on your dermatology website. This is the best strategy to get new patients online.

11. Monitor your online reputation

Monitoring your online reputation is a very crucial task. There has been a steady increment in the number of patients using online reviews. Online reviews help you in two ways; it increases the online visibility of your practice and enhances your brand image and credibility.


Monitoring online reputation consists of maintaining a good relationship with patients, encouraging patients to post positive reviews and third-party websites. So, monitoring online reputation is very important because it is the reflection of your brand and the services you provide to your patients.

12. Market to referrers and patients

As a dermatologist, you are marketing to diverse audiences. In addition to the diversity of needs within your prospective patients or audience, you also have an audience of professional referrers like physicians. With the help of professional referrers, it can affect the practice’s patient numbers.

As a dermatologist, you can also attract more prospective patients with the help of your existing patients by marketing them regarding your practice. Hence, by acquiring this marketing strategy, you can attract better dermatology patients easily.

What if I Don’t Know How to Implement These Dermatology Marketing Strategies?

A dermatologist should follow the marketing strategy with flexibility if any marketing strategy is not attracting enough patients to the practice, he/she should be flexible enough to monitor and adjust it. You can monitor the data easily in online marketing strategies, while it becomes very difficult to monitor in traditional marketing.

Online marketing is a great opportunity for medical practices, doctors, and facilities because the number of people is searching online regarding health-related issues are continuously increasing. By applying the 12 dermatology marketing strategies elaborated above, you can spot the increment and improvement in your marketing results.

If you’ve read this blog post and are wanting to start using these strategies but don’t know the first place to start… Don’t worry. Our team would be more than happy to assist you in growing your dermatology practice. Just use this link and fill out the contact form.